Cork Pinboards

Cork Pinboards

100% natural cork pinboards suit any decor in your office, study, home office, school classroom, lecture room and board room.

  • Fine grade, high density natural cork hides pinholes and won't crumble
  • Features a natural pine trim
  • Frame corners are mitred, glued and nailed for extra strength
  • Mounting brackets included for easy installation
  • Cork pinboards are perfect for posting notices, reminders, memos, photos and more
Sizes range from 900mm x 600mm to 3600mm x 1200mm.

Special sizes available on request.
Product Code SKU161491
Description Price Buy
Size:  900mm x 600mm
SKU:  SKU161491
Size:  900mm x 900mm
SKU:  SKU161492
Size:  1500mm x 900mm
SKU:  SKU161493
Size:  1800mm x 900mm
SKU:  SKU161494
Size:  1200mm x 1200mm
SKU:  SKU161495
Size:  1500mm x 1200mm
SKU:  SKU161496
Size:  1800mm x 1200mm
SKU:  SKU161497
Size:  2100mm x 1200mm
SKU:  SKU161498
Size:  2400mm x 1200mm
SKU:  SKU161499
Size:  3000mm x 1200mm
SKU:  SKU1614910
Size:  3600mm x 1200mm
SKU:  SKU1614911

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