Letter Board (Unframed) includes Clips and Panels

Letter Board (Unframed) includes Clips and Panels

Unframed letter board includes clips and panels ready for assembly. Letters and numbers not included.

Below are some sample sizes of letter boards with the quantity of panels and clips already calculated. If you see a size that you would like, order it from here and this unframed peg letter board will include clips and panels ready for assembly. Letters and numbers not included.

Sample sizes (in mm): 600x600, 900x600, 1200x600, 1200x900, 1500x900, 1800x900, 1200x1200, 1500x1200, 1800x1200, 2100x1200, 2400x1200 and 2700x1200. Other sizes available on request or make up your own pegboard by ordering panels and clips individually from the Pegboard Clips and Pegboard Panel sections.

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Product Code SKU166921
Description Price Buy
Size:  600mm x 600mm (includes 16 panels and 24 clips)
SKU:  SKU166921
Size:  900mm x 600mm (includes 24 panels and 38 clips)
SKU:  SKU166923
Size:  1200mm x 600mm (includes 32 panels and 52 clips)
SKU:  SKU166925
Size:  1200mm x 900mm (includes 48 panels and 82 clips)
SKU:  SKU166927
Size:  1500mm x 900mm (includes 60 panels and 104 clips)
SKU:  SKU166929
Size:  1200mm x1200mm (includes 64 panels and 112 clips)
SKU:  SKU1669213
Size:  1800mm x 900mm (includes 72 panels and 126 clips)
SKU:  SKU1669211
Size:  1500mm x 1200mm (includes 80 panels and 142 clips)
SKU:  SKU1669215
Size:  1800mm x 1200mm (includes 96 panels and 172 clips)
SKU:  SKU1669217
Size:  2100mm x 1200mm (includes 112 panels and 202 clips)
SKU:  SKU1669219
Size:  2400mm x 1200mm (includes 128 panels and 232 clips)
SKU:  SKU1669221
Size:  2700mm x 1200mm (includes 144 panels and 262 clips)
SKU:  SKU1669223

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